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  • Cardiac Sarcoidosis: Exploring a Rare and Difficult-to-Diagnose Disease

    Diagnostics World | Most of the time, sarcoidosis appears in the lungs and lymph nodes, but the heart is impacted in a smaller number of patients. Known as cardiac sarcoidosis (CS), this rare condition can lead to serious complications like arrhythmia or heart failure. Recently, Diagnostics World covered efforts to improve diagnostic and treatment options for sarcoidosis.

    Jul 18, 2024
  • Digital Endpoints Gaining Ground in Industry-Sponsored Trials

    Diagnostics World | A recent analysis of interventional clinical trials by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) has found that use of digital endpoints has been growing rapidly since 2015 with drug developers now initiating an average of about 35 such studies each year. News of the uptick isn’t entirely surprising, given mounting evidence that the approach can improve operational performance and ease patient burdens in clinical trials and in clinical practice, while [potentially] yielding financial net benefits to developers.

    Jul 16, 2024
  • Cool New Tech Tricks for Tackling Speed Bumps in Point-of-Care Histology

    Diagnostics World | For more than 150 years now, medical scientists have been hunching over microscopes turning human tissue samples into crisp colored images that help pathologists diagnose diseases. Histology, as the field is known, has made an art of the complex business of creating high-quality microscope slides—and until recently done it in precisely the same way with consistently good results.

    Jul 11, 2024
  • AI Taking on the Holy Grail of Diagnostics: Predicting Drug Response

    Diagnostics World | Machine learning models can be superior to radiologists when it comes to processing complex images and putting a predictive label on them, particularly at scale. The problems currently being studied in biomedicine with machine learning, such as identifying the subtype of cancer a patient has, are ones that have been largely ignored for a long time.

    Jul 10, 2024
  • Proscia, Nucleai Partner to Link Digital Pathology, AI-Predictive Biomarker Platforms

    Diagnostics World | Proscia and Nucleai are partnering to integrate Nucleai’s predictive biomarker solutions into Proscia’s Concentriq software platform and make them available as part of Proscia’s AI-enabled pathology portfolio to better inform patient care.

    Jul 9, 2024
  • New AI System Detects Rare Forms of Epilepsy Better Than Traditional Models

    Diagnostics World | Over 3.4 million people in the US and 65 million people worldwide are affected by epilepsy. To ensure that patients are getting the treatment they need, early detection is critical. Researchers at the University of Southern California have developed an AI system called NeuroGNN that can identify epilepsy by analyzing brain interactions with greater accuracy and efficiency.

    Jul 1, 2024
  • Follow the Money: Foresite Therapeutics’ New Fund Invests in Precision Therapeutics, Targeting Autoimmune, Inflammatory Diseases, More

    Diagnostics World | Foresite Capital launches fund for three main areas: precision therapeutics, life science infrastructure, and healthcare delivery; Santa Ana Bio employs proteomic, transcriptomic, and genomic approaches to precisely characterize disease-specific subpopulations and identify targets only on disease-causing cell types leaving healthy cells unaffected; more.

    Jun 27, 2024