• Contact Lenses Get Smart: Emerging Eye-Based Tools Look to Monitor Health, Diagnose Disease, and Treat Various Conditions

    Aug 11 | Diagnostics World News | Contact lenses may have first arrived to help correct vision impairments, but new tech advances are transforming this familiar product into a tool capable of far more. More
  • GA4GH Phenopackets Standard Published By ISO

    Aug 10 | Diagnostics World News | The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published Phenopackets, a standard initially developed by the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health and championed at ISO under the Canadian Mirror Committee to ISO/TC215/SC1 Genomics informatics, and supported by the Standards Council of Canada. More
  • Online ‘Biclustering’ Tool Stratifies Patients To The Molecular Level

    Aug 09 | Diagnostics World News | Researchers in Germany have developed a web-based tool, powered by machine learning, which extracts disease subtypes from large pools of patient data. The goal is more precise and robust predictions about molecular signatures that can serve as a starting point for investigating disease heterogeneity. More
  • NIST Develops Monkeypox Reference Materials, Sees Growing Role in Outbreak Response

    Aug 04 | Diagnostics World News | The National Institute of Standards and Technology has produced a reference material for use as a positive control when developing monkeypox diagnostic tests. The reference material marks the success of a proof-of-concept test and marks a shift in thinking at NIST since the COVID-19 pandemic. More
  • Electrical Tissue Dissociation Speeds Time to Single Cell Sequencing, Diagnosis

    Aug 02 | Diagnostics World News | A team of researchers from Brown University are in the process of developing a simple, inexpensive, portable device to electrically dissociate tissues into viable single cells. They’ve published the work in Scientific Reports, and foresee the approach being useful in both clinical diagnostics and basic scientific research. More
  • PerkinElmer Divests Name, Non-Life Sciences, Diagnostics Businesses

    Aug 01 | Diagnostics World News | PerkinElmer announced this morning its intent to divest its Applied, Food, and Enterprise businesses through an agreement with New Mountain Capital. At the close of the deal, expected in the first quarter of 2023, the Analytical and Enterprise Solutions business will likely retain the PerkinElmer name and brand. The Life Sciences and Diagnostics business will be rebranded. More
  • C-Reactive Protein Test for Inflammation, NGS-Based Cancer Testing, More

    Jul 28 | Diagnostics World News | A pioneering low-cost device captures three-dimensional images for eye screening; exceptionally sensitive hybridization capture-based technology integrates into diagnostic exams; a new institute plans to develop at least ten new drugs or diagnostic approaches for heart and lung disease within five years; and more. More
  • Follow the Money: Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing, Long COVID Detection, More

    Jul 27 | Diagnostics World News | Funding for innovative genetic risk and disposition score analyses, whole-genome sequencing, a centralized patient data network, and more. More
  • Self-Testing: ‘With Crisis Comes Opportunity’

    Jul 21 | Diagnostics World News | The COVID-19 pandemic is ushering in an era of self-testing that has been at least a decade in the making. Despite the evidence, it took a public health crisis to finally convince most clinicians that the benefits of self-swabbing with an at-home test kit outweigh any of the potential problems. Before long, multiple studies emerged showing patients did just as well as clinicians with rapid self-testing whether observed or unobserved. More
  • Nanopore-Based DNA Computing Detects Cancer at Subfemtomolar Concentrations

    Jul 20 | Diagnostics World News | Bile duct cancer is a complex and rapidly progressing disease often deemed terminal at the time of diagnosis. However, a research team at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology discovered nanopore-based DNA computing technology as a means of early cancer detection and improved patient outcomes. More
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