• Protein-Based Biomarker Could Enable Precision Medicine For Depression

    Jan 25 | Diagnostics World News | It has proven exceedingly difficult to identify reliable and reproducible genetic markers for depression, but it now appears possible to efficiently leverage a biochemical hallmark to create a blood test. The basis of the test is the four-decade-old discovery that depression is tied to low levels of the intracellular molecule adenylyl cyclase, made in response to neurotransmitters such as serotonin and epinephrine. More
  • Catching Cancer Cells In The Act Of Metastasizing

    Jan 19 | Diagnostics World | Researchers at the University of Michigan (U-M) have made the connection between cellular motility—with a known connection to tumor metastasis—and the shape-shifting behavior of cancer cells to become more “missile-like” and thus better able to make the voyage from one site in the body to another. The newly acquired characteristic arises when epithelial cells morph into mesenchymal cells, but the transition can’t be seen if the cells are all held hostage on a glass microscope slide. More
  • JP Morgan Notes on Research Services, OTC Testing, Cell-Free Testing

    Jan 17 | Diagnostics World News | At the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference—being held virtually again this year—diagnostics companies gave overviews of their 2021 business and their views of the future. Here are the highlights we noted from presentations from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Abbott, and Natera. More
  • Bioimpedance Test For Breast Cancer Could Hit The Market In 2023

    Jan 13 | Diagnostics World News | Mammography has a lot of well-recognized shortcomings among women with dense breasts as well as those diagnosed with breast cancer who need their response to therapy closely monitored. A cheaper, noninvasive, and easy-to-perform test is now under development that could solve for its clinical limitations and is on track to hit the market as early as 2023. More
  • Illumina’s Diagnostic Vision

    Jan 11 | Diagnostics World | Speaking at the 2022 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference—being held virtually again this year—deSouza, the CEO of Illumina, outlined the sequencing giant’s plans for expanding their diagnostic capabilities and business. More
  • Trendspotting: Top Diagnostics Issues in 2022

    Jan 10 | Diagnostics World News | We spoke with the vendor community of Diagnostics World to gather predictions for the coming year. They gave us additional forecasts for imaging data infrastructures, staffing shortage remedies, SaaS medical devices, avoiding bias in AI algorithms, and more. More
  • ‘Designer Biosensors’ Proposed For Measuring Patient Response To Toxic Drugs

    Jan 07 | Diagnostics World News | Researchers in Australia have succeeded in building a chemically induced dimerization (CID) system that can detect the concentration of the antimetabolite drug methotrexate in serum. Coupled with a functionally related biosensor of rapamycin, commonly used to prevent organ transplant rejection, they also looked at lab prototypes of a multiplexed bioelectronic system for repeated measurements of multiple analytes. More
  • Monitoring Pregnancy Progress With RNA Profiling

    Jan 05 | Diagnostics World | A global collaborative of researchers has used a novel platform based on cell-free RNA (cfRNA) to monitor patterns of gene expression as pregnancy progresses—including, surprisingly, genes that appear to originate with the developing fetus. They recently demonstrated the platform’s potential as a pregnancy screening tool, using preeclampsia as a test case, but it might logically also be brought to bear in the future treatment and prevention of any number of pregnancy-related complications. More
  • Skin Cholesterol Testing Could Play Role In Lipid Screening and Management

    Jan 04 | Diagnostics World | Researchers in China have developed a noninvasive skin cholesterol detection system that could be useful in the long-term lipid management of cardiovascular diseases, meeting a critical unmet need. More
  • Follow the Money: Blood Collection Technology, SPR-Based Proteomics, Maternal Health, Immune Organoids, More

    Dec 28 | Diagnostics World News | Technologies for blood collection and testing, immune-competent organoids, flow cytometry for cell therapies, and SPR-based proteomics More
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Antigens & Antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostic Kit Development

ACROBiosystems team has worked tirelessly since the genomic sequence of SARS-CoV-2 was first published, developing a serial of high-quality antigen and antibody reagents to support the development of the diagnostic kits. The products include the high quality S trimer, S RBD, S1, S2, N proteins mainly expressed by HEK 293 and paired antibodies with outstanding sensitivity tested on several platforms.

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