• NGS Solution Detects Aneuploidies, AI-Powered Biomarker Test for Urothelial Cancer, More

    Jun 30 | Diagnostics World News | A blood test detects T cells activated by Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease; a new artificial intelligence model accurately identifies patients at increased risk of undiagnosed structural heart disease; newborn screening for sickle cell disease expands in sub-Saharan Africa; a new melanoma test accurately assesses and classifies advanced melanoma patients as likely or unlikely to benefit from immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies; and more. More
  • Follow the Money: Multi-Analyte Breast Cancer Testing, Metabolism-Based Liquid Biopsy, More

    Jun 29 | Diagnostics World News | Funding for precision immunology pipeline, AI melanoma detection, multi-cancer early detection, and more. More
  • Illumina Launches Homologous Recombination Deficiency Genetic Test

    Jun 27 | Diagnostics World News | Last week Illumina launched a research test, codeveloped with Merck, that builds upon Illumina's commitment to broadly enable comprehensive genomic profiling and enhance research critical to realizing precision medicine in oncology. The test adds assessment of a new genomic signature to the distributed, market leading TruSight Oncology 500 assay. More
  • Designer Magnetic Molecular Probes Show Diagnostic Promise as Chemical Thermometers

    Jun 23 | Diagnostics World News | A Colorado State University team has designed metal ion-containing molecules that–alongside magnetic resonance imaging–could detect slight shifts in the human internal environment. More
  • Oxford Nanopore’s Metagenomics Workflow Characterizes DNA, RNA Viruses

    Jun 22 | Diagnostics World News | A team of researchers from Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust and Oxford Nanopore have shared a novel protocol for the rapid metagenomic characterization of DNA and RNA viruses. The workflow identified pathogens in a matter of hours. More
  • Navigating The Emergency Use Authorization Process for Diagnostics

    Jun 21 | Diagnostics World News | The pandemic has thrown a spotlight on the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) process of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) whereby the agency can quickly give companies temporary permission to market unapproved medical products or unapproved uses of approved ones. The FDA’s EUA power has been in place a long time, and many such authorizations—including diagnostics specific to the Ebola and Zika viruses—remain open many years after declaration of the public health emergency that invoked it, according to B. Melina Cimler, Ph.D., CEO and founder of PandiaDx, a consultancy specializing in regulatory matters surrounding in vitro diagnostics. More
  • 100K Synthetic Brain Images Now Available to Aid Diagnostics, Modeling Disease Progression

    Jun 16 | Diagnostics World News | Jorge Cardoso, a researcher at King’s College London and CTO at the London AI Centre, and NVIDIA have released 100,000 synthetic brain MRI images freely available to healthcare researchers. They believe the dataset will accelerate diagnosis and understanding of dementia, aging, or any sort of brain disease. More
  • ‘Federated Analysis’ Helps Fill Genetic Risk Knowledge Gap On BRCA Genes

    Jun 14 | Diagnostics World News | A significantly heightened risk of breast cancer has two well-known culprits—mutations to the tumor suppressor genes BRCA1 and BRCA2—but more than 40% of the time they are black-box “variants of uncertain significance.” Using a new data-sharing innovation known as federated analysis, however, an international team of researchers has categorized 16 of these uncertain variants as benign or likely benign so their carriers may be able to have their clinical risk of disease managed properly and avoid the risk of invasive and irrevocable surgeries. More
  • New Technology Can Localize Epileptic Seizures In Minutes

    Jun 08 | Diagnostics World News | Novel network analysis technology that uses only 10 minutes of resting state electrophysiological recordings has been shown to localize seizure onset brain regions and predict seizure outcomes in epilepsy patients. More
  • The Role of AI in Precision Health Explored at Bio-IT World Conference

    Jun 07 | Diagnostics World News | At the Bio-IT World Conference & Expo last month, several sessions explored ways AI is transforming oncology diagnosis, research, and care delivery. Speakers from the National Cancer Institute, Tempus Labs, The Ohio State University, IQVIA, Pangaea Data, University of Illinois Cancer Center, Stable Solutions and more discussed how far we’ve come, and where our next challenges lie. More
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