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As molecular technologies let us peer into the pathways of disease, new diagnostics are posed to change the way our illnesses are found, treated, and even defined. Diagnostics World and the bi-weekly Diagnostics World Weekly Update newsletter deliver insights into the tools, innovations and breakthroughs emerging from the expanding field of diagnostics.

At Diagnostics World we cover the emerging technologies and questions in diagnostics. The scientific advances making precision and personalized medicine a reality are changing rapidly. It’s an exciting time for medicine and health.  We welcome our readers’ voices from the bench or the boardroom as we facilitate these conversations. We look forward to hearing from you with suggestions, tips, ideas, or contributed columns.  Diagnostics is expanding rapidly, and we value your input as we cover the space.  If you’d like to write an oped or column to be published in Diagnostics World, please submit your abstract to Allison Proffitt, Editorial Director, aproffitt@DiagnosticsWorldNews.com

Areas of Coverage Include:

  • Diagnostics in the Field
  • Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing
  • Neonatal Testing
  • Health & Wellness Screening
  • Diagnostic Coverage & Reimbursement
  • Circulating Tumor Cells & Liquid Biopsy
  • Clinical NGS Diagnostics
  • Molecular Diagnostics for Infectious Disease
  • PCR & NGS-Based Molecular Diagnostics
  • Digital Pathology
  • Microbiome Diagnostics
  • Point-Of-Care Diagnostics
  • Companion & Complementary Diagnostics
  • Sample Prep, Assay Development, and Validation
  • Rare Disease Diagnostics
  • Biomarker Development
  • Regulatory and Commercialization Landscape
  • Recurring Features and Columns

News and Product Briefs: A monthly roundup of new products and news briefs in the diagnostics space. 

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Allison ProffittAllison Proffitt
Editorial Director, Diagnostics World


Deb BorfitzDeb Borfitz
Senior Science Writer