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DNA leaks before capsids pop: AAV thermal stability on Uncle
Characterizing viral stability for gene therapies using adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors is a complex task and requires understanding behaviors of whole viral particles, viral genomes, and capsid proteins. Serotypes, formulations, manufacturing methods, and storage conditions all need to be evaluated for their impact on stability. Functional assays, like transduction or infectivity assays, take days and require highly skilled users, while electron microscopy is low throughput and expensive. Even routine assays like AAV ELISAs, which can be used to measure intact capsid titers, or qPCR, which looks at genome quantification, can take several hours. Uncle is ready to help by combining thermal ramp studies with versatile analytical tools to give stability insights that look at capsid, protein and DNA behavior all on the same instrument and in the same experiment. With Uncle, results come in under 2 hours so you can screen more candidates, formulations, or conditions and get to the right answers quickly.