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Huateng Pharma Introduces Piroctone Olamine: A New Solution for Fungal Infections and Dandruff Control

Huateng Pharma, a leader in innovative pharmaceutical solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its latest product, Piroctone Olamine (CAS No. 68890-66-4). Known in the industry as Octopirox (Clariant) or piroctone ethanolamine, this compound offers a potent solution for the treatment of fungal infections and is an effective ingredient in anti-dandruff formulations.

A New Standard in Fungal Infection Treatment

Piroctone Olamine is the ethanolamine salt of the hydroxamic acid derivative piroctone. It has shown remarkable efficacy in treating various fungal infections, making it a valuable addition to Huateng Pharma's diverse portfolio of healthcare products. This innovative compound provides a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional treatments.

Revolutionizing Dandruff Control

Widely recognized for its effectiveness in anti-dandruff shampoos, Piroctone Olamine is set to replace zinc pyrithione in many formulations. With its superior antifungal properties, it not only helps reduce dandruff but also promotes a healthier scalp environment. This makes it an ideal choice for consumers seeking effective and gentle hair care solutions.

"We are proud to introduce Piroctone Olamine to the market," said Dr. Deng, CEO of Huateng Pharma. "Our commitment to innovation and excellence in pharmaceutical development is reflected in this product, which offers a highly effective treatment for both fungal infections and dandruff. We believe it will significantly benefit patients and consumers alike."

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