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Mural Health Named “Most Innovative Start-up” at the 2024 Citeline Awards

Mural Health Named “Most Innovative Start-up” at the 2024 Citeline Awards

Berwyn, PA- May 15th, 2024: Mural Health, a patient-first clinical trial technology company, was named “Most Innovative Start-up” at the 2024 Citeline Awards. Hosted by Citeline (a leading provider of business intelligence in the pharmaceutical and medtech markets), this award recognizes a start-up pharma/biotech company that has developed creative and innovative approaches to the formidable challenges that clinical trials present to small organizations.

Designed to meet the needs of modern-day clinical trial participants, Mural Health’s proprietary product, Mural Link, is a patient-first participant management platform that simplifies the clinical trial experience for patients and caregivers and reduces the administrative burden for sites. Through one comprehensive platform, participants can:

      Get paid however they want (with no hidden fees, ever)

      Schedule their own travel with no out-of-pocket expenses

      Communicate with sites and provide feedback easily

      Share insights about their participant experience

“This innovative approach helps trial participants and sponsors and should help expand access to trials, thereby increasing cohort diversity.” - Citeline Awards judges

Mural Link empowers sites and sponsors globally with exceptional engagement, streamlined operations, and better results to help transformative healthcare solutions get to market faster. It’s the first product that gives the sponsor satisfaction and retention data in real-time across all sites in a study. 

“Over the last 15 years, technology has evolved significantly, but the clinical research industry has not kept up. Participants deserve better,” says Sam Whitaker, co-founder and CEO of Mural Health. “We need to meet patients and caregivers where they are, which is why we built Mural Link, a next-generation platform that is making it easier to participate in clinical trials for the benefit of all stakeholders. Thank you to Citeline for acknowledging our mission and for the honor of receiving this award!”

The annual Citeline Awards showcase excellence in clinical trial design, technological advancements and results as well as the outstanding achievements of individuals, departments, teams or organizations. Hundreds of renowned leaders in biopharmaceuticals, CRO and diagnostics, attend the Awards to honor the greatest innovations in clinical R&D.


About Mural Health:

Mural Health stands at the forefront as a patient-first technology innovator, devoted to simplifying clinical research engagement. The company targets areas ripe for significant enhancement, providing technological solutions designed to ease participation burdens for patients and caregivers alike, both locally and globally. With products like Mural Link, which streamlines participant payments, travel coordination, communication, and satisfaction measurement, Mural Health is dedicated to improving the clinical trial experience. In 2023, in line with its ethos, Mural Health funded and introduced The Portrait Project, offering the world a glimpse into the personal journeys of clinical trial participants.