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VERICHEM LABORATORIES now offers all customers free access to the company’s web-based and online calibration verification data reduction and test reporting programs. Explicitly designed for use with VERICHEM’s broad line of clinical reference materials, these crucial programs and services provide all necessary statistical data and test reports required by the clinical laboratory to satisfy current CLIA requirements for the calibration verification of clinical assays. As such, their availability is certain to address the needs of many medical laboratory professionals, including those performing patient clinical testing, those engaged in research and development applications, and those involved in the manufacturing of in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) products.

VERICHEM’s calibration verification data reduction program is surprisingly simpleto use and requires no special software or hardware to download or purchase. Users simply register online with a secure password, log in and enter, submit the data, and immediately print a complete data summary report using one of the three separate report format options available. The final reports generated – which are ready for review, sign-off, and filing – are clear, concise, professional in appearance, and available instantaneously. In addition, target concentrations are pre-loaded for each individual product and lot, while the comprehensive report, using CLIA tolerances and a unique grading system, allows laboratories to easily document calibration verification data and test results. Final reports can include clinical system test accuracy, linearity, precision, precision with peer comparison, as well as other supplemental study data. The final report may also contain a separate Analytical Claims Section, which summarizes assay data. Plus, if necessary, expert technical support is just a phone call away to answer questions, along with an extensive database to fully support any troubleshooting performance issues.

For almost four decades, VERICHEM LABORATORIES has served the clinical laboratory testing and in-vitro diagnostic R&D and Manufacturing markets with a comprehensive line of clinical reference materials, calibration verification products, chemistry standards, linearity confirmation materials, and support services; including FREE online data reduction and comprehensive test reports for full CLIA compliance. For additional information, contact Verichem Laboratories Inc. at 90 Narragansett Avenue, Providence, RI 02907 USA. Phone: 800-552-5859; FAX: 401-467-1540; Email: Please visit our website at