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Biopharma PEG Supplies PEG Products For 3D Bioprinting

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a polymer formed by condensation of ethylene oxide and water. PEGylation is a chemical modification process that links active derivatives of polyethylene glycol to target drugs. Target drugs include proteins, peptides, antibodies, chemical drugs, gene drugs, and drug delivery systems.


As a kind of polymer material, PEG has good moisture, lubrication, biocompatibility, and non-toxic to human body, non-irritating, widely used in daily chemical, medicine, paint, food, pesticides, metals and other fields. In the field of medicine, PEG is mainly used to modify drugs (long-term, detoxification, etc.), modify medical instruments (hemostasis, adhesion, anti-leakage and anti-adhesion, etc.).


Globally, the frontier application fields of PEGylation have expanded from PEGylated proteins to PEGylated small molecule drugs, drug delivery platforms, and PEGylated medical devices. Polyethylene glycol (PEG), one of the most commonly used synthetic materials for 3D bioprinting, has superior mechanical properties to natural hydrogels.


3D printing biomaterials require biocompatibility, porosity, biodegradability and good adhesion. PEG hydrogels meet these specifications, and in particular PEG acrylate (PEG-ACLT) derivatives are widely applied in hydrogel formation viaphotopolymerization.


“As a new additive manufacturing technology, 3D printing has developed rapidly in the biomedical industry in the past 20 years. We can supply high quality PEG products which used in 3D bioprinting. We can offer custom GMP & Non-GMP grade PEG manufacturing services to meet customers’ different commercial development needs."  said the Director of Production Department of Biopharma PEG.


As a reliable PEG supplier, Biopharma PEG can produce and provide below PEG products used in 3D bioprinting. Please contact us at immediately if you are interested in our PEG GMP manufacturing service or request additional information about our high quality GMP grade PEG products.


AC-PEG-AC Purity: 95%  CAS NO.: 26570-48-9

AC-PEG-RGD  Purity: 95%

8-ArmPEG-AC  Purity: 95%