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C. elegans Lysis/DNA Extraction Kits Available at Creative Biogene

New York, United StatesJune 20, 2022—Creative Biogene, a professional manufacturer of C. elegans bioproducts and provider of related services, recently developed the C. elegans lysis/DNA extraction kits (CDC-k108) are now available to worldwide clients and partners. This kit is suitable for the extraction of PCR-ready DNA from C. elegans, obtaining quality DNA templates consistently from single or multiple worm lysis reactions.


The nematode Caenorhabditis elegans is a model organism widely used in genetic and biomedical research due to its unique characteristics and experimental advantages. The key features of nematode include its body transparency, complete genomic sequence, amenability to genetic manipulation, accessible neuronal system, and genetic homology to humans. Chemical analysis and a study of renaturation kinetics demonstrated that the C. elegans genome consists of approximately 97 megabase pairs and encoded roughly twenty-thousand protein-coding genes, yet more than 40% of its genes have considerable homologies in other organisms. To further explore the C. elegans DNA and fuel up related research, the core expert team at Creative Biogene developed the DNA extraction kits specific for C. elegans.


The C. elegans lysis/DNA extraction kit (CDC-k108) is designed for the isolation of high-quality genomic DNA from C. elegans. According to experts, this kit is characterized as rapid, efficient, and column-free. Besides, it's compatible with most popular robotic platforms, while the purified DNA is suitable for downstream applications such as Next Generation Sequencing, qPCR, PCR, and microarrays.


"The C. elegans lysis/DNA extraction kit included all reagents necessary to rapidly extract DNA from C. elegans cells and amplify targets of interest by direct PCR (polymerase chain reaction). We apply fast, convenient, and reproducible protocols that are easily adaptable to high-throughput automation." Said the marketing manager at Creative Biogene. "After numerous rigorous tests, our kits demonstrate high stability, reliability, and strong compatibility. Clients are welcome to partner with us to tailor C. elegans technology and customize bulk-sized kits according to your specific requirements."


Creative Biogene's C. elegans lysis/DNA extraction kits are reasonably priced and ready to deliver at any time. In addition to extraction kits, the company also possesses a variety of C. elegans antibodies and a comprehensive portfolio of services related to the C. elegans model to speed up customers' research.


About Creative Biogene

Creative Biogene is a reliable partner dedicated to accelerating customers' research projects. It has recruited a professional team with rich experience in the field of C. elegans research and advanced instruments, which enables Creative Biogene to develop a series of systematic platforms and complete independent research. It provides a comprehensive suite of services, including experimental consulting, design, execution, management, analysis, and reporting service. In addition, Creative Biogene can also provide partners with unique products and professional technical support.