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Adsorptive Polymers Are Now Available at Alfa Chemistry for Applications in Water Treatment, Medicine, Health Care, and Machine Processing

As a supplier of innovative and specialized materials, Alfa Chemistry often responds very swiftly to the newly arising market demand. To fully implement this strategy, the company recently announces that now a comprehensive range of adsorptive polymers can be easily obtained to serve the purpose of adsorption, one of the most promising techniques for decontamination cleaning.

Polymers have many remarkable advantages as adsorption materials in either liquid phase or gas phase. Adsorptive polymers are widely used in the separation and purification of organic matter, the treatment of industrial organic wastewater, and the separation of drugs due to their adsorption properties similar to activated carbon.

According to their structure and properties, the adsorptive polymers provided by Alfa Chemistry can be mainly divided into the following four categories:

  • Non-ionic adsorbent resin
  • Superabsorbent polymers
  • Metal cation coordination adsorbent
  • Ionic adsorbent resin

Right now Alfa Chemistry is capable of providing a wide range of adsorptive polymers, some of which are listed as below:

Weakly basic anion exchange resin, weakly basic acrylic acid series anion exchange resin, uniform size strongly basic anion ion exchange resin, uniform size gel type strongly basic anion ion exchange resin, typeii styrene series strongly basic anion exchange resin, super gel styrene series strongly basic anion exchange resin, styrene series strongly basic anion exchange resin, macroporous weakly basic acrylic acid series anion exchange resin, oil removal resin, nuclear grade anion exchange resin, powder anion ion exchange resin, selective and chelating ion exchange resin, resin used as media of chromatographic separations, styrene anion exchange resin, food grade resinadsorbent resin, catalyst resin, boron removing resin, color indicating cation resin, fluorine remove ion exchange resin, macroporous absorbent resin, macroporous thioureido chelating resin, and many more.

Alfa Chemistry offers a wide range of different adsorptive polymers.

In additionAlfa Chemistry’s scientific team also has rich expert knowledge for tailored synthesis of adsorptive polymers based on customer's specific requirements. More information can be found at


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