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Qvirus Launches Lentivirus Integration Site Analysis Service to Support Identifying Target Site of Recombinant Lentiviral Vectors

Qvirus platform, a new launched platform of Creative Biogene for lentivirus, retrovirus, baculovirus, and adeno-associated virus in the application of gene delivery. Qvirus platform has become the premier provider in the areas of biological and biomedical research, recently it announced the release of lentivirus integration site analysis service in order to support scientists to identify the exact site of integration of recombinant lentiviral vectors.

Qvirus platform has been optimizing the lentivirus production system, including lentiviral plasmid construction and low endotoxin plasmid preparation, lentiviral packaging and lentiviral packaging process host cells, cell culture media, small and large lentivirus purification processes. Therefore, Qvirus platform can provide a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for the effective design, development, manufacturing, and analysis and testing of lentiviral vectors.

Qvirus platform has made great efforts to detect and integrate DNA flanking sequences whose integration sites are unknown. These efforts are usually based on PCR amplification of the target site. In addition, large-scale analysis of vector integration sites has begun using next-generation sequencing technology. Linear amplification-mediated PCR (LAM-PCR) can identify and identify unknown flanking DNA adjacent to known DNA from any source. LAM-PCR has been developed to locate the viral vector integration site (IS) within the host genome. Like transposons or retroviruses, genetic elements integrate their genome into the host genome in a (semi-)random manner. In many cases, it is decisive to know exactly where these vectors are integrated.

Targeted sequence capture of unique regions is a novel method that can be easily adapted to many genomic applications. Sequence capture enrichment is a no-amplification method that uses labeled complementary DNA probes to hybridize to regions of interest, and then sequence the captured DNA. Targeted sequence capture technology can be applied to capture the integration sites of lentiviral vectors. Qvirus platform now provides next-generation sequencing methods that can specifically identify lentivirus integration sites in lentivirus-infected cells. This method has been proven to be sensitive and specific to lentiviral sequences. Lentivirus integrated site sequencing services include: oligonucleotides designed for library preparation; construction of sequencing libraries; sequencing 4 million pairs of paired-end reads per sample and bioinformatics analysis, etc.

"Our technical support team is pleased to confirm the detailed information of the lentivirus integrated site analysis service. In addition, Qvirus platform provides reagents, kits and services to help researchers explore issues related to gene discovery, regulation, and function." said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, "We have constructed, packaged and purified thousands of lentiviruses for customers around the world. If you have any special requirements, we will be pleased to provide customized solutions then."

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Qvirus Platform, as a division of Creative Biogene, providing world-class packaging services for a variety of virus vector products. The expertise and years of experience have made Qvirus platform become a well-recognized industry leader in supporting the development of gene therapy and scientists worldwide.