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Lifeasible Provides Virus-like Particles Production in Plant

Lifeasible, a plant biotechnology company specialized in production service using plant-based system, now provides all round virus-like particle (VLP) production package from initial construct design, expression, purification, and characterization.


Virus-like particles (VLP) are assembled from the capsid structural subunits of several different viruses, and many biomedical applications such as vaccines, nucleic acids and new delivery systems for small molecules have been discovered. The main application of VLP is for vaccines, because it can induce a protective antiviral immune response without the risk of infection, which represents the main advantage of designing safer vaccines.


VLPs have been generated in different prokaryotic and eukaryotic heterologous expression systems, which have some limitations and cannot be used to produce many functional VLPs. Plants provide an attractive alternative system for VLP vaccine production because of their ability to produce large amounts of recombinant proteins at low cost, their use in eukaryotic processing machines for protein post-translational modification and correct assembly, and low-risk pathogens introduced into adventitious humans.


During the past years, Lifeasible has provided an extremely diverse array of plant protein expression systems like whole plants, various tissue, and cell systems, as well as numerous expression approaches to its customers worldwide. At Lifeasible, a wide range of plants, such as lettuce, tobacco, rice, soybean, carrot cells, and Arabidopsis thaliana, have been developed for protein production. 


Supported by abundant experience and cutting-edge facilities, Lifeasible now provides custom service on production of recombinant proteins using plant-based system. Two main methods are utilized for production of VLPs in plants at Lifeasible: stable transformation of nuclear or viral transient infection.


Lifeasible’s advantages:


• Low cost;

• High scalability;

• Increased safety;

• Time efficient;

• Proper eukaryotic protein modification and assembly;

• Specific glycoforms for better immunogenicity.


“We provide all-round service package from initial construct design, expression, purification, and characterization. Providing cost-effect and high quality services is always our ending goal. Our services can also be customized according to your specific needs.” Commented the official speaker from Lifeasible.


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