Scaling single-cell DNA analysis with easy to use tools, spanning the entire workflow through data analysis

(June 27, 2019)

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Recent advances in molecular biology and microfluidics have enabled us to individually sequence the molecular contents of thousands of single cells. Innovative technologies for single-cell SNV and indel analysis allow researchers to explore single-cell biology by simultaneously identifying the mutation profile within clonal populations, detection of rare subclones, and unambiguous determination of zygosity. These datasets promise to transform our understanding of cellular diversity, but the scale and complexity pose new bottlenecks for data processing and interpretation. To address these challenges, we have developed intuitive and powerful tools leveraging these rich data and machine learning to optimize data quality and enable insightful interpretation to better understand clonal heterogeneity and tumor evolution. Here we describe the Tapestri Software Suite containing three easy to use modules that take you from custom panel design to primary data analysis and subsequent interpretation and visualization. The Tapestri Software Suite is developed by Mission Bio, which integrates the BlueBee Genomics Platform for the development and deployment of the clinical-grade cloud-based application for this innovation.


Dr. Anup Parikh
Senior Director of Product Management
Mission Bio

Dr. Anup Parikh is Senior Director of Product Management at Mission Bio. Anup has followed his passion to build novel solutions that leverage genomics, software and automation to improve health. Prior to Mission Bio Anup was part of product management at 10x Genomics and Ion Torrent, developing novel technologies that enable targeted solutions for high-impact applications. Dr. Anup Parikh received his Ph.D. from Baylor College of Medicine in Structural and Computational Biology.

Mike Kubal
Field Application Scientist

Mike Kubal joined BlueBee in 2018 with a background in bioinformatics, LIMS and software development for the life sciences. Driven by solving business and scientific challenges, he enjoys collaborating with partners to create tailored solutions. Mike resides in Pacifica, California. In his spare time you can catch him surfing at Linda Mar beach.

(June 27, 2019