Almac’s Enhanced RNA-Seq Reporting Solution claraT – Simplifying Complex Biologies within the Hallmarks of Cancer

(November 7, 2018)

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Webinar Description:
RNA Sequencing (RNA-seq) is an increasingly popular technology for biomarker discovery in cancer research. High-throughput RNA-seq produces large quantities of complex data that require computational bioinformatics pipelines to enable interpretation. Almac Diagnostic Services has developed a unique reporting solution called claraT*- A unique software-driven solution, classifying biologically relevant gene expression signatures into a comprehensive, easy-to-interpret report.

The claraT report outputs include the entire study cohort and individual sample reports from Almac internally developed bioinformatics pipelines. claraT reports on relevant public and proprietary gene expression signatures as well as single gene targets within the Hallmarks of Cancer using Almac’s optimised RNA exome panel.

Benefits of claraT:

  • Maximises the understanding of your data set
  • Provides readouts for the most relevant published gene expression signatures
  • Classifies using the Hallmarks of Cancer for easy interpretation
  • Interactive cohort and sample report
  • Multiple signatures from a single tumour sample
  • Cost effective solution, saving analysis time

Learn about the claraT report:

  • The structure and layout of the claraT report, including a detailed overview of both the cohort and sample summaries
  • How the claraT report can support biomarker discovery
  • Future plans for developing the claraT report

*claraT is for research use only (RUO) and is not to be used for diagnostic or prognostic purposes, including predicting responsiveness to a particular therapy.


Dr Steven Walker
Head of Internal Product Management
Almac Diagnostic Services

Dr Steven Walker heads the internal product development activities at Almac Diagnostic Services. Specifically this includes the development of novel internally discovered biomarker assays towards commercialisation and the development of new biomarker discovery solutions to aid Pharma/Biopharma in their development programmes.

Steven studied at the University of Dundee, leading to a PhD before postgraduate work at the Beatson Cancer Research UK Institute in Glasgow. He joined Almac Diagnostic Services in 2005, initially with the research team before taking the role in Product Development. As part of his time with the research team, he was involved in the discovery and development of several of the internally discovered biomarker assays.

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(November 7, 2018)