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BaseHealth, ChromaCode, MaxQ, And More: News From December 2018

December 19, 2018 | December featured news, products, and partnerships from around the diagnostics community from numerous companies, universities, and organizations, including BaseHealth, ChromaCode, MaxQ, and more.

BaseHealth has introduced the first predictive analytics platform that mines clinical laboratory data, enabling healthcare organizations (HCOs) to improve population health, boost quality scores and optimize risk adjustment. Available now for HCOs across the country, BaseHealth’s platform combines laboratory data with insurance claims data, published clinical research, and other data sources, then applies machine learning to prospectively identify patient health risks and suggest appropriate clinical interventions to address those risks. By proactively diagnosing and treating emerging health conditions, HCOs can improve patient care while reducing the risk of higher-than-expected costs for health plan beneficiaries. The process can especially benefit Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, which receive capitated payments for the care of Medicare beneficiaries and must carefully gauge the risks and costs across a population. In its first deployment of the new platform, BaseHealth is partnering with Sonora Quest Laboratories, Arizona’s leading provider of diagnostic testing and information services. In a recent case study conducted for a population of 10,000 new MA members, BaseHealth utilized Sonora Quest’s laboratory data to identify potential risk and interventions, uncovering incremental additional revenue opportunity of $3.1 million, as well as an opportunity for $1.5 million in accelerated revenue. “This partnership will enhance wellness advocacy and help empower advanced healthcare solutions,” said David A. Dexter, president and CEO of Sonora Quest Laboratories, in a press release. “By utilizing artificial intelligence and predictive RAF analytics, we can assist health plans and Accountable Care Organizations to identify and stratify unknown risk in population health to the specific patient level, to close potential gaps in patient care, and identify opportunities for interventional cost savings.” Press release

ChromaCode announced the commercial launch of its first-ever multiplex test using the company's proprietary High Definition Polymerase Chain Reaction (HDPCR) technology. The HDPCR Tick-Borne Pathogen (TBP) Panel is the only multiplex PCR test that detects nine of the most common tick-borne pathogens in a single test. Testing for tick carrying pathogens is most frequently done using serological assays for a small number of pathogens.  Serological tests are challenged by the lack of immune system response in early infections. As a molecular test, HDPCR has the potential to allow for early identification of a broader array of pathogens. HDPCR multiplexing technology combines proprietary data science algorithms with widely-used, low-cost chemistries to increase the multiplexing levels of common real-time PCR (qPCR) and digital PCR (dPCR) instruments for simultaneous detection of multiple (5-50) targets in a single reaction. Data are analyzed on the secure ChromaCode Cloud. ChromaCode's HDPCR TBP panel is the first multiplex PCR test capable of detecting the most common tick-borne pathogens from whole blood specimens in under four hours. Key features of the TBP Panel include a 3x increase in qPCR multiplexing, seamless integration onto common qPCR instrumentation, scalable throughput, and streamlined data analysis, management, and test customization with the ChromaCode Cloud software. Press release

MaxQ AI announced a distribution agreement with the EnvoyAI subsidiary of TeraRecon. As part of this agreement, MaxQ's innovative Accipio intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) platform, components of which have received FDA Breakthrough status and whose Accipio Ix ICH identification and triaging solution recently received FDA clearance, will now be a premier clinical solution available through the EnvoyAI Exchange marketplace. Accipio Ix will be sold through EnvoyAI and TeraRecon's comprehensive PACS distribution channels and to the TeraRecon installed base of customers. The Accipio platform, working in combination with TeraRecon's Northstar AI Results Explorer, offers powerful first-of-kind physician workflows for ICH that are unmatched in radiology today. "Our agreement with EnvoyAI will enable hospitals around the world to have access to our revolutionary AI-enabled Accipio platform for approved commercial use in their emergency rooms and for clinical research purposes," said Chris Schnee, SVP Commercial Operations for MaxQ AI, in a press release. "This partnership further accelerates the adoption of MaxQ solutions by acute care hospitals, which are TeraRecon's core customer base. We are proud to be collaborating commercially with a market share leader in radiology advanced visualization. With Accipio Ix having both FDA clearance and CE Mark certification, US and EU patients are soon to receive the benefit of augmented intelligence; the combination of the MaxQ AI empowerment coupled with the skills of the caregiver. Better together." Press release

QuantuMDx and Molbio have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore opportunities for joint working in infectious disease diagnostics, with an initial focus on genotypic drug resistance testing for those infected with tuberculosis. In addition, the two companies will also explore partnership opportunities around portfolio development and target sequencing. The terms of the MoU enable both companies to investigate the complementary nature of their respective technologies, business operations and expertise, with the collective aim of improving healthcare for all, regardless of their socio-economic status or geographical location, through earlier diagnosis of disease. In a press release, Elaine Warburton, Chief Executive Officer, QuantuMDx, said, “Molbio is a key player in the point-of-care molecular diagnostics market, established both in India and the rest of the world with its robust distributor network. Our companies share a similar ethos and commitment to ensuring accurate, accessible and affordable diagnostic solutions for all. Within this context, we are excited by the opportunity to collaborate with Molbio. We’re looking to maximize synergies and expand the capabilities of both companies, so we can complement, rather than compete against, each other and seek to address gaps in the provision of diagnostics, as partners.” Press release

Imagion announced that they have entered into a Master Service Agreement that will have Planet Innovation's world class engineering and product development team working with Imagion Biosystems to develop Imagion Biosystems' MagSense instrument technology. Together the two companies will work on design concepts and the development of prototype systems that can be used by Imagion in its key pivotal clinical study for regulatory and commercial clearance. Planet Innovation is highly experienced in developing such regulated medical devices and has received multiple awards for their innovation and design excellence in Australia and the USA. Working with Planet Innovation, Imagion Biosystems will be eligible for future R&D tax incentive refunds on this development work. Ian Macfarlane, Managing Director of PI Design at Imagion, said in a press release: "We believe the MagSense system can change the way cancer is detected and treated. We look forward to working with the team at Imagion Biosystems to help bring this potentially life-saving technology to market. PI has a strong record of developing and manufacturing innovative diagnostic products and we'll work closely with Imagion to get this exciting new technology into trials and available to patients in the shortest possible time." Press release

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics announced that its VITROS Immunodiagnostic Products HIV Combo Reagent Pack and Calibrator (VITROS HIV Combo test) received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use on Ortho's VITROS ECi/ECiQ Immunodiagnostic Systems. The VITROS HIV Combo test was previously approved for use on Ortho's VITROS 5600 Integrated System and Ortho's VITROS 3600 Immunodiagnostic System. VITROS HIV Combo, a fourth-generation test, detects both HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies (Ab) and the p24 antigen (Ag). By detecting the antigen itself, rather than only the antibodies to the antigen, Ortho's VITROS HIV Combo detects HIV-1 acute infection earlier than previous generations of tests. Press release.